Interview With Daymé Arocena: The Voice Of A New Cuban Generation




Monday, 7 Aug, 7 p: During an interview, host Cristina Baccin discusses with the young Cuban composer and singer, Daymé Arocena how a rich African legacy has given birth to the diversity and styles of music that are Cuban music as well as jazz.

She titled her album using a term she created, “Cubafonia” (the Sounds of Cuba) referring to great variety of genres in Cuban music (e.g., cha-cha-chá, mambo, changüí) and its refreshed sounds of the new generation of Cuban musicians.

Born in the heart of Havana’s barrio 10th of October to a family that paid homage to their ancestors in song, drumming and la santería religion, Daymé shares with us the sounds of her childhood in all its colors and flavors…prepare to enjoy an exquisite musical tour with this young diva whose voice deeply embraces us in the complex textures of jazz, blues and soul as well as Afro-Cuban ritual chants.

She performs on Friday, August 11th, 7:30pm at the National Hispanic Cultural Center

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Future Classic: Yoruba Andabo “La Gozadera”


The first gem of this series is a group called Yoruba Andabo (Rough translation: Followers of the Yoruba Culture) who have been on the Cuban Music Scene for a while now and are important pioneers in popularizing Rumba rhythms. Rumba is an Afro-Cuban rhythm that’s been around for generations now was often considered a more traditional sound that the youth didn’t really interact with as much. Yoruba Andabo has changed that in Cuba, these days you can ask any 17 year-old if they have Yoruba Andabo on their mp3 and they’ll probably reply that they have every album. Don’t get me wrong they in no way altered the original rhythms to satisfy the younger crowds if anything I think it’s just the thriving energy and relevant lyrics that brought people of all ages to feel connected with their sound.

My favorite track right now is La Gozadera, which was the first piece my brother introduced me to. It honestly doesn’t matter where I am, what I’m doing or who I’m with, if you put on that track my heart automatically starts to follow the beating of the drums, the voices grip my guts, my hips are swaying and my body is taking shapes I never knew existed. You know how they say that real happiness comes after hard times, that’s exactly what this track feels like to me; the blazing sun after the storm. If you struggled in your life you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Be sure to search for more of their stuff online, it’s a little harder to encounter than most but well worth the effort.

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Africa in the Americas: Tour Group Explores Cuba’s African Roots – NBC News 

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Traveling Noire: Cuba Comes ‘Alive’ 3:31
When the United States and Cuba first announced plans to restore diplomatic relations two years ago, Kasara E. Davidson says she and her business partner “hit the ground running” and used their combined 20 years of experience with the island to start Diaspora Enterprise Solutions (DiasporaES).

“It was an opportunity for us to learn Cuba even more and an opportunity for us to share what we know about Cuba with others,” said Davidson, who is the company’s co-owner and managing director.

The East Coast based business creates professional, educational and cultural programs for individuals, groups and organizations in cities around the world.

Since its founding about a year and a half ago, DiasporaES has focused mainly on Cuba— successfully taking several groups to the island under several of 12 permitted categories that have made it easier for more Americans to travel there.

Three backup dancers pose for a photo pose for a shot on their break in Havana, Cuba. Mikhael Simmonds
With the d

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Yoruba Andabo, the roots of Afro-Cuban music – Havana Music School

If we want to talk about the popular traditions of Cuban music, we have to talk about Yoruba Andabo.
This musical group is an example of versatility and authenticity in the representation of Cuban musical diversity.
“Working and create, that’s what we lose sleep. I think that we only end with the death. You can see that every Cuban will move his foot when he hears a Cuban conga”. – Geovani del Pino, Director

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Yoruba Andabo – Rumba en la Habana con… – virtualWOMEX

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Among the hierarchies of Afro-Cuban music, Yoruba Andabo enjoys a special sovereignty in and outside of Cuba. The first seed that gave life to this group was sown in 1961 at the docks of Havana, the birthplace of legendary rumberos. The group’s name combines two words: Yoruba, the great southern motherland of African nations and cultures, and Andabo, which in the Carabalí language means friend, follower, or admirer.

Through their work, the group has imposed a distinctive hallmark, and even more challenging, they have found style in purity. The goal that drives the efforts of Yoruba Andabo is the libertarian incorporation of everything that surrounds, adorns, and approximates tradition, absent of vice or purist digressions.

No other group could have achieved such brilliance and cohesion in presenting this view of our singable and danceable physiognomy: chants, devotion, dance, and the beauty of life. Here hot, sensual rumba, guaguancó, toque de santo, song, Abakuá and Congolese chants, and communication with the dead converge. They signify the pieces of history of a country forged in a melting pot of races and encounters with other cultures.

Festival of Cuban music and dance “Havana in Belgrade” brings the biggest names in Cuban music and dance scene. РТС :: Врели ритам Кубе стиже у Београд!

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For the sixth consecutive year, the Festival of Cuban music and dance “Havana in Belgrade” brings the biggest names in Cuban music and dance scene. During the four days of the festival, from 10 to 13 November, the Serbian capital will feel the spirit of Cuba through concerts, show-performances, dance workshops, parties. Boiling rhythms of Cuba is coming to Belgrade! This year’s edition of the festival “Havana en Belgrado”, which is held in the Student Cultural Centre, DKC “Majdan” and the Center for Urban Culture, will have two big concerts. Comes the best Cuban rumba band in the world “Yoruba Andaba”. With previous editions of the festival “Havana in Belgrade” Dance Dance Workshops program of the festival consists of workshops Cuban dances, during the two days of the festival, in several dance halls. This year will be workshops on dance and the band will play traditional Cuban music. It is a part of “Okilakua”, which comes from France and is led by singer Marta Galaraga, one of the greatest voices of the Cuban rumba. Their live performances are undisputed, show that watching and listening, top musicians and dancers in traditional costumes – the true spirit of Cuba on the scene. On the second day of the festival, the world-famous band that has existed for more than fifty years and has spawned the biggest names in Cuban music scene – “Elito Reve y Su CHARANGON”. Seventeen top musicians who live sound perfectly, bringing hot energy of the capital of Serbia. During the four days of the festival will be organized parties where the music will play a DJ Javier, DJ El Gato Volador, DJ Leo D’Kuba. For years, the “Havana in Belgrade” festival organized by a team of world champions of salsa “Havana Belgrado”, in terms of quality and energy is one of the best in Europe. This is evidenced by a large number of visitors from France, England, Polish, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatian, Montenegro. Not only are Cuban music and culture performances Belgrade, but also the city in the best light to present to all who come and spend four unforgettable days.

Presentacion del Tour Europeo 2016 de la Legendaria Compania YORUBA ANDABO, patrimonio vivo de la Cultura Afro/Cubana.

Presentacion del Tour Europeo 2016 de la Legendaria Compania YORUBA ANDABO, patrimonio vivo de la Cultura Afro/Cubana.
La Gozadera se forma de verdad!
Info & Booking:

Cultura Afro-Cubana/Rumba/Tradiciones/Patrimonio .
Todo esto es la leyendaria compania Yoruba Andabo!
Culture afro-cubaine / Rumba / Traditions / Patrimoine.
Tout cela est la société légendaire Yoruba Andabo!
Culture Afro-Cuban / Rumba / Traditions/ Heritage.
All this is the legendary company Yoruba Andabo!
Cultura Afro-Cubana/Rumba/Tradiciones/Patrimonio.
Tutto questo è la leggendaria Compagnia Yoruba Andabo.
Info & Booking:


European Tour Update!

The famous Cuban group Yoruba Andabo Company, artistic leader in the  culture of African origin, began it’s European Tour Fall, which will run for several cities in the Old Continent.

This promotional effort is a collaboration between Fiebre Latina, Topoly International and LMA Productions.


La célebre Compañía Yoruba Andabo, agrupación artística líder de la cultura cubana de origen africano, dio inicio a su Tour Europeo de Otoño, que se extenderá por varias ciudades del llamado Viejo Continente.


Este empeño promocional es una colaboración entre Fiebre Latina, Topoly Internacional y LMA Producciones.



Yoruba Andabo announces the World launch of new album Soy de la Tierra Brava! — Yoruba Andabo | PRLog

Yoruba Andabo announces the World launch of new album Soy de la Tierra Brava!

The European tour of Yoruba Andabo in Europe begins in October! Lanzamiento Mundial de Nuevo albúm de Yoruba Andabo. Yoruba Andabo en Europa desde el octubre !

Yoruba Andabo European Tour 2016
MONTREAL, Quebec – Oct. 11, 2016 – PRLog — Yoruba Andabo is proud to announce to its fans and supporters, the release of “Soy de la Tierra Brava.” The new album had previously received a Cubadisco award. Please visit to download and prepare to rumba! … http: //

The tour of Yoruba Andabo in Europe will be from the 20th of October to the 27th of November, 2016. The European Tour Fall is being produced by Fiebre Latina and Topoly International. We will publish the program and details soon!

Let’s get ready to receive these giants in Europe… a music group that is a folk legend… Yoruba Andabo! Drummers, singers and dancers of this phenomenal group will make us truly know what the rumba is! In Europe for 2 weeks, they will perform with their amazing show in addition to lectures and classes in the most important festivals


Info & Booking:

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