Cuba Aspires to Include Rumba at UNESCO Heritage List

Cuba Aspires to Include Rumba at UNESCO Heritage List
Paris, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is expecting UNESCO to include ”rumba” in its list – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, during the forthcoming meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee on the issue, diplomatic sources said today.

According to the information provided to Prensa Latina by the Havana delegation at UNESCO, the event scheduled from November 28th to December 2nd in Ethiopia will decide on the inclusion of rumba as ‘a festive mixture of music and dance, and associated practices’.

UNESCO recognizes the value of rumba as an expressive style of music and dance that rests on forms of verbal communication (vocal singing and sounds) and non-verbal communication (gestures and body language).

Practiced in family circles, with neighbors and in communities in festive and religious events, rumba ‘mixes tradition and contemporaneity and promotes feelings of self-esteem and belonging among its practitioners,’ the text says.

‘It also brings together individuals of all sexes, social class, geographical origin or religious beliefs, reinforcing social cohesion, mutual respect and favoring harmonious relationships between individuals and communities.’

‘It highlights the diverse origin of rumba, with African, Spanish and African-Caribbean roots, which helps promoting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity.’

The 11th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage will begin in Addis Ababa in late November. It will analyze Cuba’s candidacy and other proposals from many countries.

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Yoruba Andabo, the roots of Afro-Cuban music – Havana Music School

If we want to talk about the popular traditions of Cuban music, we have to talk about Yoruba Andabo.
This musical group is an example of versatility and authenticity in the representation of Cuban musical diversity.
“Working and create, that’s what we lose sleep. I think that we only end with the death. You can see that every Cuban will move his foot when he hears a Cuban conga”. – Geovani del Pino, Director

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Yoruba Andabo – Rumba en la Habana con… – virtualWOMEX

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Among the hierarchies of Afro-Cuban music, Yoruba Andabo enjoys a special sovereignty in and outside of Cuba. The first seed that gave life to this group was sown in 1961 at the docks of Havana, the birthplace of legendary rumberos. The group’s name combines two words: Yoruba, the great southern motherland of African nations and cultures, and Andabo, which in the Carabalí language means friend, follower, or admirer.

Through their work, the group has imposed a distinctive hallmark, and even more challenging, they have found style in purity. The goal that drives the efforts of Yoruba Andabo is the libertarian incorporation of everything that surrounds, adorns, and approximates tradition, absent of vice or purist digressions.

No other group could have achieved such brilliance and cohesion in presenting this view of our singable and danceable physiognomy: chants, devotion, dance, and the beauty of life. Here hot, sensual rumba, guaguancó, toque de santo, song, Abakuá and Congolese chants, and communication with the dead converge. They signify the pieces of history of a country forged in a melting pot of races and encounters with other cultures.

Celebran jornada musical- danzaria Havana en Belgrado 2016

Celebran jornada musical- danzaria Havana en Belgrado 2016
Belgrado, 13 nov (PL) Los amantes de los llamados ritmos calientes latinos disfrutaron hoy con las agrupaciones cubanas Elito Revé y su Charangón y Yoruba Andabo que amenizaron por tres días la jornada musical- anzaria anual Havana en Belgrado 2016.

A pesar del frío imperante, centenares de seguidores de la música y los bailes de la isla acudieron a un taller para mostrar sus habilidades y adquirir nuevas bajo el influyo de la orquesta nacida en Guantanamo en 1956 bajo la égida de Elio Revé padre, conocida entre los bailadores como La aplanadora de Cuba.

Yoruba Andabo (1961), agrupación que combina lo mejor de las raíces del floklore con la expresividad corporal de la danza, ofreció una verdadera cátedra de rumba, un ritmo que cuenta con muchos amantes y cultivadores entre la juventud serbia y de otros países europeos, que viajan especialmente para este evento.

Al taller, en el Centro Cultural de la Niñez Maidan le seguirá esta noche una gran fiesta en el Centro Cultural Estudiantil en el corazón de Belgrado y culminará con otra persentación en la madrugada en el Centro de Cultura Urbana Imago.

Havana en Belgrado, en esta sexta edición, se inició el viernes con actuaciones callejeras en la Plaza de la República y en la zona peatonal aledaña Knjiaz Mihajlovic, seguido de una gala show del Charangón en el mencionado centro estudiantil.

El taller de danza se inició el sábado con la presencia de lujo de Yoruba Andabo, que los organizadores califican de la mejor agrupación de rumba cubana del mundo.

De acuerdo con el programa, al evento asisten amantes de los ritmos y bailes cubanos de Francia, Reino Unido, Polonia, Bulgaria, Alemania, Italia, Croacia y Montenegro

Celebrate musical day- Havana dance in Belgrade 2016 Belgrade, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) Lovers of the so-called Latin hot rhythms enjoyed today Cuban groups Elito Revé and his Charangón and Yoruba Andabo that enlivened for three days the musical day-anzaria annual Havana In Belgrade 2016.

In spite of the prevailing cold, hundreds of followers of the music and the dances of the island went to a workshop to show their abilities and to acquire new ones under the influence of the orchestra born in Guantanamo in 1956 under the aegis of Elio Revé Father, known among the dancers as La plana de Cuba.

Yoruba Andabo (1961), a group that combines the best of the roots of folklore with the expressive body of dance, offered a true chair of rumba, a rhythm that has many lovers and cultivators among Serbian youth and other European countries, who travel specially for this event.

At the workshop, the Maidan Children’s Cultural Center will be followed this evening by a large party at the Student Cultural Center in the heart of Belgrade and culminating with another presentation at dawn at the Imago Urban Culture Center.

Havana in Belgrade, in this sixth edition, began on Friday with street performances in the Republic Square and the surrounding pedestrian zone Knjiaz Mihajlovic, followed by a gala show of the Charangón in the aforementioned student center. The dance workshop began on Saturday with the luxury presence of Yoruba Andabo, which organizers call the best Cuban rumba grouping in the world. According to the program, lovers of Cuban rhythms and dances from France, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro attend the event.

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Yoruba Andabo for the first time in Poland! – El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festiwal

Yoruba Andabo – the legend of rumba and Afro-Cuban music, for the first time in Poland, will visit EL Sol Salsa Festival as a part of their European tour.

Their concerts are real artistic and movement spectacles, allowing the audience to feel the true roots and climate of Havana streets and port docks.

Apart from the concert, the band will also lead 3 hours of workshops.


Find out how to dance and play the way it’s done in Cuba.

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Festival of Cuban music and dance “Havana in Belgrade” brings the biggest names in Cuban music and dance scene. РТС :: Врели ритам Кубе стиже у Београд!

via РТС :: Врели ритам Кубе стиже у Београд!

For the sixth consecutive year, the Festival of Cuban music and dance “Havana in Belgrade” brings the biggest names in Cuban music and dance scene. During the four days of the festival, from 10 to 13 November, the Serbian capital will feel the spirit of Cuba through concerts, show-performances, dance workshops, parties. Boiling rhythms of Cuba is coming to Belgrade! This year’s edition of the festival “Havana en Belgrado”, which is held in the Student Cultural Centre, DKC “Majdan” and the Center for Urban Culture, will have two big concerts. Comes the best Cuban rumba band in the world “Yoruba Andaba”. With previous editions of the festival “Havana in Belgrade” Dance Dance Workshops program of the festival consists of workshops Cuban dances, during the two days of the festival, in several dance halls. This year will be workshops on dance and the band will play traditional Cuban music. It is a part of “Okilakua”, which comes from France and is led by singer Marta Galaraga, one of the greatest voices of the Cuban rumba. Their live performances are undisputed, show that watching and listening, top musicians and dancers in traditional costumes – the true spirit of Cuba on the scene. On the second day of the festival, the world-famous band that has existed for more than fifty years and has spawned the biggest names in Cuban music scene – “Elito Reve y Su CHARANGON”. Seventeen top musicians who live sound perfectly, bringing hot energy of the capital of Serbia. During the four days of the festival will be organized parties where the music will play a DJ Javier, DJ El Gato Volador, DJ Leo D’Kuba. For years, the “Havana in Belgrade” festival organized by a team of world champions of salsa “Havana Belgrado”, in terms of quality and energy is one of the best in Europe. This is evidenced by a large number of visitors from France, England, Polish, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatian, Montenegro. Not only are Cuban music and culture performances Belgrade, but also the city in the best light to present to all who come and spend four unforgettable days.



Mas de medio millar de asistente, jovenes en su mayoria, disfrutaron del vibrante espectaculo de la legendaria agrupacion rumbera.
Antes del cierre el publico aplaudio y bailo el nuevo tema, estrenado en este Tour Europeo, cuyo titulo es Yoruba Andabo “Un estilo diferente.”
El climax ocurrio ya a la media noche con la interpretacion a coro con el publico fines del mundialmente hit de la banda, La Gozadera, conocido tambien como Ponte pa’ lo tuyo.


Soy de la Tierra Brava


More than five hundred fans, mostly young, vibrant enjoyed the spectacle of the legendary rumba group.
Before closing the public applauded and danced the new song, released in this European Tour, whose title is Yoruba Andabo “Un estilo diferente.”
The climax already occurred at midnight with the interpretation in chorus with the audience end of the world hit of the band, The Gozadera, also known as “Ponte pa’ lo tuy.”