Yoruba Andabo’s 2016 Lineup! #YAndabo1



Matías Geovani del Pino Rodríguez Director, Vocals,

and Percussion

2 Juan Campos Cárdenas Vocals
3 Regla Monet Díaz Vocals
4 Yerilú Lugo Valdespino Vocals
5 Angel Yanniel Roque Hernández Vocals
6 Sergio Eladio Martínez Garcés Vocals
7 Orlando Lage Buzua Percussion
8 Julio César Lemoine Díaz Percussion
9 Didiel Armando Acosta Mitjans Percussion
10 Lekiam Aguilar Guerrero Percussion
11 Eliecer Vilches Chapotín Percussion
12 Zulema Pedroso Hardy Dancer
13 Yadira Yanet Hernández García Dancer
14 Pedro Lázaro Monteagudo Lara Dancer
15 Vladimir Silvio Quevedo Armenteros Dancer
16 José Luis Lobato Matamoros Manager

4 thoughts on “Yoruba Andabo’s 2016 Lineup! #YAndabo1

    • Good day, Ronaldo is no longer with us. These photos were sent to me by Jose Lobato (manager) to post. I currently help him with the social media accounts from Canada!
      Send me info on which ones are yours and I will update to give you the proper credit. Thanks and take care. Tony


      • Thank you about the information about Ronaldo, do you know what he is doing now? We have been going to juba for 16 years and I have created two phonebooks about Yoruba Andabo. We know most of the people in the group. I gave the photos you used to Jose Lobato along with many others. I told him to use them as he would like so don’t worry about giving me credit. You have posted a number of photos which some are mine and some are not. It would hard to tell you which one are mine. Do you have any information on a U.S. tour for 2016. Thank you for your work.
        Lawrence Shapiro

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