Long for Home: day 9

Moving East to West

Green lace outfit Taken by my lovely friend, Amy Jo 🙂

(March 10, 2015)

I forget that language only really works by immersion. It’s harder for me to remember Yoruba because I don’t hear it all the time. I have to work a bit harder to keep my mother-tongue alive.

Green Lace outfit A close-up of the fabric

Today, I found a new Yoruba artist and I jammed out to her songs while I packed up my apartment. I felt at home again. I could wrap my mouth around the delicious tones of my language; I could move my hips to the beat; I could hear all the layered meanings of words I would never be able to fully express in English. My soul sang.

I love Yoruba.

Green Lace outfit Happy 🙂

Adebank Olubukla Alabi

Song of the day: “Sisi Eko” by Darey

(You can also listen my ṣe jẹjẹ” Spotify playlist if you want……

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