Yoruba Andabo en el Alameda

From the Venezuelan newspaper “Today Venezuela”




A photo posted by juan carlos (@jcarlos332) on May 19, 2015 at 10:18am PDT

The spirit of the rumba is the name of the show today at 5:00 pm, will present the Cuban group Yoruba Andabo in the Alameda Theater, located in the parish of St. Augustine.

This will be the third concert offered by the group, since his arrival in Venezuela last July 23 for the second time this year. The first of the presentations was in the state Yaracuy, where they released to the Venezuelan people, a rumba-time version of the song popularized by Ruben Blades, Maria Lionza.

The second presentation took place in the mountains of Sorte, there they sang the theme that will be contained in the next album from this company born 30 years ago to the goddess. “It was a very beautiful thing in the magic and atmosphere that was created who welcomed us and explained that this (Maria Lionza) is a representation of one of the goddesses of Afro-Cuban mythology, the goddess Oshun,” said manager Company and producer Jose Lobato, in an interview with CCS City.

About his upcoming show at the Alameda Theatre, Lobato said the entire group is very excited and with great expectations after a tour of the parish of St. Augustine.

“There is a wonderful atmosphere, the audience knows the work of Yoruba Andabo long and joyfully await us,” he said.

Within the repertoire will present the items on his latest album, also titled The Spirit of the rumba and “one box with the Yoruba Orishas African Pantheon”, the Congo and Abacuá.

The manager also said on Sunday presented his show, this time in the Juan Bautista Plaza Room of the National Library at 2:00 pm.

Andabo Yoruba consists of six musicians, five percussionists and two dancing couples onstage ranging from 19 to 77 years old, spreading the congo beats, Abacuá and rumba, with the dances that make up the Cuban popular expressions.

In this regard, he said Lobato defend their culture is one of the most important work they do as a group. “The defense of the identity of the Americas by promoting respect for indigenous values, does not mean they are static, in contrast, continue to evolve with new rhythms, with a new approach, but always letting us know where we come” , he said.

Yoruba Andabo has presented its show at important venues in countries like France, the United States, among others.

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