Ancient Rhythm, though I traveled far, I am Africa!

Ana Elrich

I’ve been listening to a lot of old Calypso songs lately. This one really encapsulates my feelings as a child of the African Diaspora.

Ancient Rhythm
By Singing Sandra (2003)

From across the continent that some once described as dark
I feel a vibration, feel a rhythm, feel a spark
When my spirit is feeling low, this natural mystic lifts me so
Like a bongo or Orisha drum, deep in the Congo calling me, “Sandra, come!”

Ancient rhythm!
Makes me feel to dance!
Dance, dance, puts me in a trance!
Ancient rhythm!
I can’t control mih feet!
Can’t resist the beat!

I was scarred by their whip, I was tarred on their ship
I was used, I was wronged but that can’t keep me down
Though my face they may scorn, they crown me with thorns
I’m the root, I’m the rock, resolute like mih locs!

Ancient rhythm!

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